A Weakend State

Juan Camilo Rodriguez



With the end of the national front, and after an unfair elections which result as a winner Misael Pastrana, a new movement started in Colombia. Influenced by the strenght of guerrilas like M-19, FARC, ELN, EPL, that made all Colombians feel like these groups were taking over the country. The take over of the Justice Palace in Bogota, made Colombians fear of that power, but there were other kinds of power; a sinister one: NARCOTRAFIC. A lot of dollars were entering to Colombia, without being registered, so it made inflation increased and deny what seemed to be a strong economy.

After The National Front

After the national front, came from the Liberal Party Julio Cesar Turbay for the presidential term for 1978-1982. During this period, Turbay had to face the Guerrillas intentions to ask for their supplies and show them in anyway. Homicide became the mayor cause of death. The insecurity around the country was rising again like in the times of the violencia. Groups with their objectives focused on havana’s and moscow’s ideals (socialism) were appearing against the government model that Colombia have been using since it’s a United States’ ally. M-19 was the Guerrila that achieved more important objectives on that time, like the takeover of El Canton Del Norte (a military base in Bogota), were they stole a whole bunch of weapons, arms, and ammo. Also they took over the Dominican Republic Embassy in Bogota, holding 14 diplomats, including the U.S. envoy. But their biggest strike was the takeover of the Palacio de Justicia in Bogota, making the army to come inside for the tuff ways.
Because of the intromission of Narcotrafico in Colombia, inflation increased, and with the crisis that Latin America suffered over the 80’s, the economical situation in Colombia was deplorable.
But a big change in Colombia occured when the liberal Cesar Gaviria accepted to make a new constitution, which replace the 1886 constitution. It is called the "Right's Constitution", and it gave kind of hope to the people, because all their rights were protected by the constitution, and a Guerrilla (M-19) made a deal to leave the arms and reintegrate to the social and political life.

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