Reform, Crisis and Independence

Santiago Pacheco


Santiago, you are going to write about the:

  • Bourbon Reforms
  • The Comuneros Revolt and other protests
  • The Patria Boba - and it´s causes (eg. Joseph I in Spain)

Good luck

Bourbon Reforms:

The purpose of the bourbon reforms was to modernize spain, promoting its economic, commercial and fisical development. in order to modernize spain the objective of this reforms were to stimulate the techonology and manufacturing, spanish crown thought of this as a possitive effect on the economy of spain. Some of the early reforms that spain have done are aimed to improve the ecomomy and political structure of the country. they focused on improving their agriculture and improvements on their ships; this activities left a negative effect on the country, this reforms left the country with almost no investment capital.
When spain lost the Seven Years' War with Great Britain (under charles lll )the failures of this reforms became evident. however the king's counselors secured more detailed reports of the colonies, and they understood the need to take them fully into account. the new wave of reforms were much more thought, they included a larger explotation of their resources in the colonies, increase taxes, the opening of new ports and stablishing several state monopolies.

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