The National Front

After the savage war that had taken place between the two main parties in Colombia, The Liberals and the Conservatives there came a period of peace called the Frente Nacional (National Front) this period was between the years 1958 and 1974 its main goal was to reorganize the country after the dictatorship of Gustavo Rojas Pinilla and it consisted of making the two parties equal by alterning the president's party every election

It all started when Gustavo Rojas Pinillas goverment was an evolved dictatorship and was threatening to remove both of the traditional parties so both leaders Alberto Lleras camargo and Laureano Gomez decided to sign the Benindorm pact to establish 2 liberal reings and 2 conservative ones. as radical as it seemed this idea wasnt new because people like Rafael Reyes were proposing the idea of a third new party formed by people who supported both of the traditional ones

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