Forming an American Identity

Andrew Santiago

Creation of a Race


The creation of a race, halfcasts made out from the mixture of white spanish and indians, new context and new physical implications which contributed to the destiny of the american people.

The video is a tribute to the spanish empire which was the one that conquered our land and our nation transforming our culture into a brand new one.


The colonizers brought with them africans who were then kept as slaves. This defined the races that are found today in america, specially in Latin America who was lead by the power of the color. Instead, North America turned into a bipolar country with two defined races, the white and black.

All of the races; MULATO, ZAMBO, MESTIZO, and many others appeared from the mixture of three main races that started the chronological tree of the races. The European, Indians and Africans mixed and formed many other races. You can visualize it as a triangle were the three of them are linked and the spaces between them are formed of many other different races coming from them.

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